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January 27, 2005

Opportunities for Middleware Research Publications

One great thing about when you come from academia is that the technical challenges remain at the bleeding edge. developers in reality are part of this massive research laboratory; we just don’t call it research.

I continue to be involved with external research through participation in program committees and similar activities. I want to draw your attention to a few of these, as their deadlines are coming up soon:

  • Asynchronous Middleware. Together with Doug Lea and Steve Vinoski I am guest editing a special issue of IEEE Internet Computing. From the call for papers:
    Asynchronous distributed systems that rely on events, one-way messaging, publish-subscribe, and related protocols, rather than request-response interactions, generally enable looser coupling while still supporting high reliability and scalability. Loose coupling, in turn, helps provide the flexibility and adaptability that applications need to keep up with the ever-changing requirements of today's service-oriented systems.
    We are looking for research and experiences papers on the topics related to software for asynchronous distributed system. The deadline is June 1, 2005. But if you sent in your submission earlier we can possible have a few iterations such that you have a change to incorporate feedback into your paper.
  • Hot Topics in System Dependability. This workshop is collocated with DSN 2005 held in June in Yokohama. The focus of it is on cutting edge work in the intersection of reliability, fault-tolerance and systems. Deadline March 1, 2005.
  • Middleware 2005. This conference, which will be held in Grenoble and is backed by the ACM, IFIP and Usenix, has proven that one can build a broad interest conference with very high quality papers. Single track conferences remain the best way to get completely immersed into high-quality discussions crossing multiple research areas. Deadline March 30, 2005.
Posted by Werner Vogels at January 27, 2005 07:40 PM