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November 18, 2004

View of the View

I have to start to learn how to take panoramic pictures, because the ones I took yesterday and today don't do the view out of our new house much justice. But just to give some simple teasers here is one from this morning and two from yesterday, when there was a fog over Lake Washington.

The big piece of land in the middle of the lake is Mercer Island, with the I90 bridge that connects its to Bellevue. Downtown Seattle is in the distance, and a bit covered by haze this morning. if you know where to look you can find PacMed, the Amazon headquarters to the left of the downtown building.

Yesterday morning we woke up to a massive fog covering most of the lake, obscuring Seattle from our view, although some of the downtown buildings and the telegraph towers manage to peak above the clouds.

The view in the first two images don't do any justice to the about 220 degrees view of the area that we have from our deck. This is a view to the right (north) yesterday morning where the mountains peak above the fog.

More to come when I get my photographic skills beefed up.

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