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September 05, 2004

Amazon Move FAQ #6: Will you keep the blogging?

I always had a professional goal in mind with the weblog; the process of academic information dissemination is seriously flawed, and weblogs can play a very important role in publication of research results in real-time. No matter whether these results are positive or negative, and to be honest the negative result often have a much better educational value. I strongly believe that if more people in the systems research community would be keeping public weblogs about their research and experiments, we would be seeing higher quality systems work as a result.

I feel I have only briefly touched on the possibilities of weblog use in academic research. I have used the weblog to do one research project with a paper on the results (CLR Benchmarking) and one analysis project on a data set (Feed Analysis). I also used it to drive the feedback on an opinion paper (Web Services are not Distributed Objects).

I also used the weblog to report on a variety of academic conferences, research by others, and just interesting tidbits. And sometimes some odd personal stuff would slip in.

Will I keep doing this now that I start at in two days? I certainly have plans to do so. But I am not sure what the format will be, now that nature of my work will change significantly. It is too early to make strong statements about that I will actually write about work related issues. I am certainly not going to rename the weblog into All Things Amazon, and I have no desire to make it another PR channel. The conferences reports, research references, and technology reviews will certainly remain a central topic, but real-time dissemination of research results may not be an option anymore.

For the moment the weblog will remain hosted at Cornell, but eventually it will have to move. I am thinking about the options based on the other hosting requirements I have.

This is entry #6 in the Moving to Amazon - Frequently Asked Questions list

Posted by Werner Vogels at September 5, 2004 11:14 PM