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August 11, 2004

Amazon Move FAQ #1: Will you move to Seattle?

We will indeed move to Seattle. At one moment in the discussions with Amazon there was the possibility to stay in Ithaca for while, but I have learned some hard lessons in running a West Coast team from the East Coast, and I know that doesn't work. I decided to make a clean break and move immediately.

Officially I will start at Amazon on September 7 which probably results that we will move in the weekend before that. We have put a 'for sale by owner' sign in the yard 2 days ago and I am surprised about the many responses to that.

The girls are extremely enthusiastic and excited about the move. Laura was starting college here in NY this fall, after having taken a year off, but she decided to defer for another year so she could be part of the move, and experience big city life in Seattle a bit. Kim had some big plans for the coming year, including a challenging solo concerto with the Binghamton Youth Symphony, but she graciously decided that she would rather take that challenge in Seattle. She already signed up for an audition with the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra.

We will probably go back and forth a few times to Ithaca for a month or two to completely get ourselves detached from all activities and responsibilities.

Posted by Werner Vogels at August 11, 2004 10:57 PM