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May 11, 2004

Awards announced in the DARPA SRS program

We were already notified a month ago that we were among the very few groups selected for an award in the Self Regenerative Systems program of DARPA, but now the official announcement has gone out. Here is a link to the official press release. We are in the Granular Scalable Redundancy section of the program, which the announcement describes as:

Self-regenerative systems must operate even when damaged. The keystone technique for doing this is to maintain multiple copies of selected system components and, if an attack damages some, to dynamically switch to using other, undamaged components. This technique imposes stringent coordination requirements on system components, but these requirements currently degrade performance to unacceptable levels. In this technical area, the program will develop new techniques that allow the necessary coordination to occur but with levels of performance that are needed by high-performance military systems.

This is a perfect match with the general focus of our research, so it is likely we will be able to get some good results for this program. Even though the program specifically mentions military systems, they results are very likely to also be applicable to civilian systems.

Posted by Werner Vogels at May 11, 2004 12:03 PM