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May 10, 2004

Transvestites in an Atom feed.

I just found reasonable evidence that if, as a writer, your main interest is to acquire as many readers as possible, you should not be writing about academia & technology (or at least not in the way that I do it). Maybe politics is a better subject. But probably the best bet is still erotica and drugs, maybe combined with some rock & roll and movies.

What is the particular evidence? Over at BlogTravestis ("The World's first transblog", a weblog for, by and about Brazilian transvestites), someone became excited about the support for Atom in Blogger, that now you could read their weblog in an aggregator such as bloglines, and they wrote a posting about this. With this posting they included my atom feed icon, but instead of copying it (which would have been perfectly OK by me) they linked to. So now I get to see all the hits to their homepage, archive and feed. And believe me these guys (or girls?) are getting a lot of traffic; in an hour they had more readers that I have in a day or a week.

It is actually quite a fun weblog to read. Of course you have be able to read Portuguese, and have a bit of an open mind ...

Update: I have been told that I should have mentioned that the links are pointing to a website that could be considered 'not work-safe'. meaning that even if you cannot read Portugese, the images on the site are informative enough to make you understand what the weblog is about. :-)

Posted by Werner Vogels at May 10, 2004 12:16 PM

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Posted by: Hal on May 10, 2004 08:21 PM

Voguels, Thanks for your post about Blog Travestis. We used its image for sample, ok? Permit us? In Our Blog exist one link for translate languager (Google), the same one that I use now because my english is not better . Grateful and congratulations for the beautiful work in its weBlog.

Alex Jungle
Blog travestis webmaster.

Posted by: Alex Jungle on May 14, 2004 02:57 AM