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April 03, 2004

On Chilling Music & Religion

Clapton still is God. On Me and Mr. Johnson Clapton plays Robert Johnson songs in the bare style he already gravitated towards on From the Cradle. He doesn't have the chilling voice that haunts you from the original Johnson recordings, but his slide guitar pinches your nerves.

The Seven Last Words. Haydn was commissioned by the Cathedral of Cadiz for its Good Friday celebration in 1787 to write a work based on the last words of Jesus. It is uncertain whether he first wrote the orchestral or the quartet version, but the latter is a truly beautiful piece of music. The Emerson Quartet just released a CD that is masterful performance of this chilling work. On ITunes there is a special addition to the CD in which Eugene Drucker discusses the piece.

The Passion and Temptation of Bwian. Finally a review of the Passion that reflects my feelings about this movie:

This isn't a movie: it's a theme-park ride for Jesus freaks. SEE the hunks of flesh ripped from Jesus' side! EXPERIENCE the stations of the cross like never before! HAMMER the nails into Jesus' hands! WITNESS the crucifixion in all its blood-and-guts glory! Bring the kids!!

Mary-Ann Johanson puts the Passion into context with two other controversial Jesus movies that have a great deal more finesses and trigger more compassion: the Last Temptation of Christ and Life of Brian.

Science & Religion Two thirds into Dan Brown's Angels & Demons, the Carmenlengo delivers a speech about tensions between science and religion that is an excellent discourse and food for thought. This alone makes reading this book worthwhile (the rest is 'OK').

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