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December 26, 2003

Christmas Gadget

Upon my return from Europe, a Christmas surprise was waiting for me: a company had send me an Archos AV380 digital audio/video recorder, as a 'token of appreciation for my collaboration'. This is a pretty stunning gift: an MP4/MP3 player and recorder with a 80 GB hard disk. It has a 3.8" QVGA screen and plays DivX as well as XviD movies at 640x368@25fs. It comes with a little attachment for S-Video input if you want to use it to record TV shows, etc.

The little device has me impressed, both the MP3 & MP4 engines are very powerful and produce very smooth audio and video. And with 80 GB of storage  you can store quite a bit of audio and video. Outputs to TV with good quality. I haven't played around yet with the recording too much, but this is one very cool toy.

Thanks guys, you know who you are!

Posted by Werner Vogels at December 26, 2003 03:27 PM