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December 10, 2003

These Days

I am so swamped that I don't have much time to read weblogs, let alone write one. Not complaining just explaining. Lots of research and development stuff happening, as well a lot of home life changes. Just a few notes:


I am about to leave San Francisco for a brief architectural review consultation, after which I will fly to Italy for the ICSOC, followed by a few days in Amsterdam. Lots of miles in just a few days.

At home

Two of three girls that make up my household arrived back from a long stay in Europe yesterday so house is suddenly filled with noise again. It takes some getting use to again, it appears the amount of interaction grows exponentially with the number of people present.


 It is the end of the semester at Cornell, which also means that the students who worked for a project grade will need to demo their projects this week. Because of all the travel this semester I had kept the number of students working for me to an absolute minimum. The project the few students did work on is the core data structures for XPath/XQuery based forwarding for a pubsub engine. There were two data structures for constructing the parser engine based they needed to examine; one based on a DFA and one on a DFA approach. Basically they have to compare the approach taken by the YFilter and the XPush projects and investigate the processing and memory requirements on a standardized set of documents and constraints. We'll see tomorrow how it all worked out.


Finally I am getting back to actually building some cool stuff.  I needed a simulation environment for developing and testing  service oriented distributed system algorithms. There was no such thing available so I am happily hacking away. First release in a few weeks from now.

Posted by Werner Vogels at December 10, 2003 12:20 PM