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November 21, 2003

Thanks for a Successful Experiment

About two months ago I decided to perform an experiment and post a draft of an article I was writing for IEEE Internet Computing, and solicit comments on it. This is part of how I think weblogs can be used to improve research and scholarly exchange. The article titled 'Web Services are Not Distributed Objects' was particularly suited for this goal because it was partially an opinion piece and partially a sort of 'fresh look' on current issues. The response was overwhelming, and the many comments made on this weblog and on others  as well as in email have significantly improved the article.

Today I received the printed copies of the magazine that has been published this week. Unfortunately the IEEE only allows you to download the PDF of the article after payment, if you are not an IEEE member or not at an academic institution. Here is the table of contents for November/December issue, if you are lucky you can download it from there. I will work on something creative to put the content also online, but probably not in the same format as the IEEE does to avoid their wrath.

I should give thanks to those people who helped improve it as also mentioned in the acknowledgement section of the article:

This article improved significantly because of comments and criticisms from several people: Dave Seidel, Don Box, Doug Lea, Eric Newcomer, Felipe Cabrera, Frank McCabe, Jim Gray, Ken Birman, Mark Baker, Mark Ericson, Mike Champion, and Ted Herman. In addition, Steve Vinoski provided valuable editorial assistance.

Many more people commented on the article, but the group of people above made comments that made me change the text or rethink parts of the expose.

Thanks for making this experiment successful, more of these experiments will follow.

Posted by Werner Vogels at November 21, 2003 04:42 PM


I just read your latest posting related to your recent article for IEEE IC. I am a IEEE Computer Society staff member and the web production lead for our online-only publication IEEE Distributed Systems Online. I just wanted to check and see if your were familiar with DSO and was also wondering if it might offer some opportunity for collaboration. All content--including full feature articles--are still offered free at this stage. If nothing else I invite you to visit DSO and contact me if you see something that might be of interest to you so we could possibly discuss some type of collaboration. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our site and to better serve the DS community.

Posted by: Ty Manuel on November 23, 2003 07:08 PM