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October 26, 2003

LAX on hold

There is currently a ground hold on all flights to Los Angeles because of the forest fires. Nobody knows whether any flights will be allowed to leave today or at what time. So if I manage to get there it will be pretty late, which probably goes for a lot of other PDC folks also.

The free WiFi in Pittsburgh airport is excellent. connectivity is great except in the USAirway club lounge. They better fix it there, because the way things are looking at the moment a lot of business folk are hanging around in the food court checking their emails instead of being in the club. My club membership was complementary, but until they fix the WiFi, they are not seeing me back.

Update: My 5 PM flight is now slated to leave at 10 PM

Update #2: I was too quick, US45 to LAX is cancelled. Every plane tomorrow morning is booked to the max, so I am flying to San Diego and driving to LA. Now I get to enjoy the Pittsburgh airport hotel and watch the Bills help KC lose their unbeaten record

Posted by Werner Vogels at October 26, 2003 06:06 PM