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October 20, 2003

A bit lost in the crowd

There are 500 people at this conference (SOSP), and many of them first time attendees. At times I feel a bit lost and find myself scanning the 'crowd' for familiar faces. At a 7000 people conference like the one next week in L.A. you expect to be lost, but this one 'used to be' much smaller and more intimate. It doesn't help that the wireless in my laptop appears to have died, contributing to the isolation. Back to dialup computing.

I did hook up with lots of old friends last night, notably Thorsten von Eicken who left academia during the startup day, and actually managed to survive the boom downturn. It was very good to see him again, as well as many people from the Cambridge (UK) crowd. It felt good to receive the many invitations to come and give talks and hang out at the Cambridge Computer Lab. I certainly will take them up on it in the spring of next year.

Posted by Werner Vogels at October 20, 2003 03:16 PM