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October 14, 2003

HPTS Day 1

Asilomar is a great place to be this time of the year; nice and sunny with a great view of the ocean. The workshop's goal is to encourage networking and off-line exchanges of ideas, during walks on the beach, in the hallways and playing pool. The rooms have no telephones and television, and my intended room mate decided that that was too much isolation for him and checked into a local hotel. There is wireless in the conference center's lobby, but people are good about staying near the hall where the talks are given.

The workshop is by invitation only and attended by most of the big database researchers, Gray, Lindsay, Stonebraker, Helland, Gawlick, etc. and quite a few of the application server world such as Bosworth. Quite a few Oracle, MS SQL Server, BEA and IBM folks. And just a few academics, with David Patterson and I being the only ones on the agenda. It is good to hang out with some folks that I have not seen for a long time such as Pat Helland and Bill Laing. Pat has left the architect space and is doing evangelism at customers on how to build really big data systems.

Today started with Ray Ozzie giving his "the edge is the center" talk, where he makes a case for 'jointness & agility' model. He was follwed by the session on Continuous Processing Architectures, with two talks on database availability by Hitachi and Oracle folks and my talk on scalable failure detection and system monitoring. The afternoon started with security talks about spam management and a talk by eBay's security chief Howard Schmidt.

Second session in the afternoon was on Software as a Service, with a great talk by Peter Gassner from Their centralized CRM services now has about 110K users, with 90% of the access through the web and 10% though web services from specialized applications or integration modules. The web services part is growing quickly. He gave interesting details about the privacy policies in the code, API development and their Datacenter configuration. Second talk was by John Beatty, talking about the smart client approach that Adam Bosworth has written about on his weblog.

The last session was a presentation by Dieter Gawlick and Adam Bosworth on the future of event driven systems and pub/sub systems. Followed by a discussion on whether application servers or database systems are the best platform for implementing these systems.

Tonight there will a posters session with a gong show, where you get 5 minutes to say something interesting, while being heckled by the audience. Lots of shouting & interesting comments. I have signed up to talk about challenges of  'massive scale'.

late night Pat.

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Werner = If Ray Ozzie's still there, go say "hi" for me. H

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