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September 23, 2003

SSCLI 2003 Conference Day 3 Report

I attended two presentations on the last day before I had to catch my flight back to Ithaca

The first was by the folks from Intel Labs, who described at a high-level what their goals of their Rotor research are. Although the presentation was mostly high-level political, we did get away with the idea that Intel is very, very serious about using Rotor for their research. The grand spiel is 'how can we make better silicon for managed applications'.

The second presentation was by John Lefor who detailed the current status of Phoenix, the compiler framework that is intended to unify all compilation and analysis tools. It consists of a series of readers and writers that all work on an extensible intermediate representation. No details on this IR or how to extend it were given, because of lingering IP issues. John menioned late 2004 for a beta release or the Phoenix RDK and 2005 for a general release.

Looking back on this first year, I think that this program has been rather successful. The grants that were given were small, but some of the research has been significant, and good visible results have been achieved. The main papers will be published in a special issue of IEE Proceeding Software, which should have pretty good quality.

Posted by Werner Vogels at September 23, 2003 02:39 PM