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September 19, 2003

Presenting with a Tablet

In today's presentation I used the tablet for slide annotation during the presentation. I still have a lot to learn but I am satisfied with this first try.

The ink was especially useful in the slides with x86 code It is difficult to walk through assembly code and have the audience following you, particularly when you talk about switching register names, etc. l also related the x86 code back the original C# code, which is easier with live annotation.

I do realize that to exploit this better I will have to make presentations with the tablet in mind. Today I had a generic powerpoint set, but I can imagine really designing interaction with the audience using ink. I have to think more about what good approaches would be.

Overall I am satisfied with the tablet's use in this setting. I still need to find a way to increase the display depth of the external display of the NEC litepad beyond 8 bits.

Posted by Werner Vogels at September 19, 2003 12:26 AM


fyi...Might be of help per checking into the MS Research and University of Washington, Classroom Presenter app.

“Classroom Presenter is a distributed presentation system for the Tablet PC. As a distributed system, the synchronized versions of the presentation are shared across multiple machines. The Tablet PC is used as the presentation device because of the high quality ink that it provides. A basic goal of Classroom Presenter is to provide an integration of computer generated slides and ink in a manner that allows instructors flexibility in delivery and interaction with the audience.”

Posted by: Christopher Coulter on September 19, 2003 03:25 AM

So, how does that work?

Did you have to get a five foot stylus and wave it over the projection screen? *nod?*

I'd want mine to look like Mortimer Ichabod Marker.

Posted by: McGroarty on September 19, 2003 07:02 AM

Christopher: thanks for the link. That is useful!

McGroarty: It is actually pretty cool: in the lower left hand corner you get a set of buttons for slide coordination (prev, next, home, goto, etc.) and the ability to have a pointer or a felt tip,pencial,eraser, etc. You can then use the stylus to write or draw on your tablet's screen which is refelected on the slide being projected.

What I really would want is walk around with the tablet in hand and do this, now you have to stand somewhere because these video projectors still need fat cables. But I hope it is just a matter of time before a company comes up with something wireless.

Posted by: Werner on September 19, 2003 10:28 AM

reminds me of those overhead projector thingies that we had in elementary school. Don Box still uses those for presentations (yes, he's old like me). Way cheaper than a tablet pc but not quite so much fun. I'm kidding of course. Gobs of potential and I'll have to check out the classroom link as well.

Posted by: julie on September 19, 2003 08:31 PM