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September 18, 2003

SSCLI 2003 Conference Day 1 Report

The rotor conference agenda turns out to be very different from the one on the web. Today (day 1) there were 4 main presentations

  • Coco/R -Johannes Kepler. Coco/R is a collection of compiler generation tools (similar to lex/yacc for as old folks) Johannes presented what was needed to make system target C#, and what was needed to express C# in atg, the input format of Coco/R. The reduction in states from BNF to EBNF and ATG is impressive.
  • Frank Piessens Talked about how sscli was used in teaching a secure code course. He gave details about projects that used type information as evidence for secure concurrent programming and a project that dealt with adding role based security to code access security
  • Erik Rissanen - SICS. showed a project which extended code security with server based access control
  • Antonio Cisterno - Pisa - described CodeBricks his meta programming tools for dynamic code generation.

These talks were followed by a 'short talks' session of which Nigel Perry's was certainly the highlight. He described Just in Time Objects, which deals with lazy instantiation of objects. Something which can be extremely interesting in the context of very large applications. In this session Andreas Polze talked about object and process migration. I am not a believer in generic migration of objects and processes so I am always very skeptical about this type of work.

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