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September 03, 2003

Live from Amsterdam

I have surfaced again after a few days of off-line life. I am in Amsterdam now where I will be attending a 'promotie' tomorrow, which is a Ph.D. defense with proper traditional pump and circumstance. If I am not at the university there is a big chance you can find me during the day in Cafe Krull where there is decent wireless Internet access. The cafe is on the Sarphati Park, just a few blocks from where I just to live in Amsterdam, in the middle of the old neighborhood called 'De Pijp'.

The response to the 'Web Services are not Distributed Objects' article has been overwhelming, and I am starting to work my way through the advice and criticisms to draw up a plan for improving the paper. I hope to have the paper revised before I leave Amsterdam again on Sunday.

Posted by Werner Vogels at September 3, 2003 11:51 AM