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August 15, 2003


As expected the power went out here in a cascading fashion. Some parts lost it immediately, as Dan write in a comment, but strangely some other parts of town were spared completely. Downtown Ithaca had lost its power but some of the surrounding hills stayed up, including 'West Hill' where I live. Cornell was OK for power, but the chilled-water facility, which draws its water from the lake, failed to deliver. It is the source for some of our airco so our servers at computer science were shutdown out of prevention.

People around here were cool about it. Nobody panics. People get confused at the intersections, but generally they are just being patient. We have power outages several times a year around here, mostly after big thunderstorms or squirrels getting themselves fried at a relay station. We have a cupboard with candles and oil lamp, ready for use in the dark occasions, but they weren't needed this time.

Chris Hollander has a really interesting report of his adventures strolling through dark NYC

Posted by Werner Vogels at August 15, 2003 10:59 AM