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July 29, 2003

Day One at the MS Faculty Courtship

The first day of the Microsoft Faculty Summit packed with presentations and meetings. The morning started with presentations by Rick Rashid and Bill Gates. Rashid gave his mandatory overview of the current state of Microsoft Research and Gates painted an upbeat picture about the technology future at MS. It is fun to see how Gates (and Ballmer) always manage to energize people with their talks. Never a negative word, the future is always exciting and MS is going to play an important role.

It was then followed by presentation of university projects that use MS in fundamental ways. Gerd Heber of the Cornell Material Sciences presented a system for manipulating the results of their fracture simulation through a database and have the 3D visualization tool generate SQL queries. More details and pictures here.

The last presentation of the day was by Felipe Cabrera, who educated the audience about the Web Service path. A very high-level wonderfully, smooth talk, with not too much technical detail. You can read a report of the etcon version of this talk at Tommy Williams weblog.

The evening ended with a 3 hour boat cruise on Lake Washington. Lots of networking going on, good food, and lots of drinks. I had dinner with Felipe and just hung out a bit.

Jim Gray and Felipe Cabrera leaving the boat.

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