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July 28, 2003

High-Performance XML/SOAP Processing

About two months ago, in response to a solicitation by Jim Gray, I submitted a research proposal in titled "high-performance XML/soap processing for pub/sub systems". Just before take-off to the MS party I got a surprise message that it was selected for funding; the program is quite selective so I am rather happy that the research is perceived as relevant.

In this project we will be focusing on pub/sub systems that are built on cluster technologies with potentially tens of thousands of subscribers per small cluster. scalability of these systems partially depends on how effectively the soap/XML messages can be processed. On the incoming path we will be working on how to do partial evaluation on soap messages to facilitate high performance pipeline processing. On the outgoing path we will be looking at some advanced kernel/user level TCP connection management techniques to transmit (largely) identical soap messages to thousands of subscribers. The first results of this research can be expected in early 2004.

Posted by Werner Vogels at July 28, 2003 01:19 AM