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July 14, 2003

Handheld Edition

I needed a version of the weblog that would do a simple layout, so that it would be easier to read on the sidekick and other handheld devices that make a mess of CSS layout. It is not that I am so much in love with myself that I want to read my entries over and over again on different devices, but I wanted to be able to follow up on comments and trackbacks without the need for a full blow workstation.

I started out with Mark's mobile edition, but my requirements were different from Mark's. Where his phone displays hardly any of the HTML, the device I wanted to target do at least basic HTML correctly.  So for my version you do not need the macro rewriting package that Mark used. I am leaving all the HTML, as well as images, in the entries, only strip the HTML/images from the starting index

The result is actually rather simple to achieve in MT. The handheld edition appears as a collection of individual archive entries and one main index in a mobile folder of the weblog. There are two templates to create for this: one which I dubbed 'Main Index - Handheld' which is a new main index template which generates 'mobile/index.html' and "Individual Entry Archive - Handheld" which generates the individual entries in the 'mobile' folder. Make sure you configure the individual archive to generate "../mobile/<$MTEntryID pad="6"$>.html" based on that template.

The result is a rather boring version of the main weblog, but it works well on most handhelds that I have. And it does the job in allowing me to follow up on comments, etc., from all sorts of 'challenged devices'. Feel free to reuse the templates as you see fit.

Posted by Werner Vogels at July 14, 2003 10:06 AM