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June 25, 2003

Middleware 2003 Roundup

The conference was relatively successful. I saw 2-3 presentations of work that I think were worthwhile following up on. Both presentations by Peter Pietzuch from Cambridge were interesting in the publish/subscribe arena: one on event composition and one on flow-control for pub/sub systems. Peter also managed to get the best paper award.  The presentation by Willy Zwaenepoel on controlled database replication techniques is also work worth investigating further.

These my personal favorites given my professional interests, there was other work certainly worth checking out. I definitely have a few ideas to explore based on some of the AOP related technologies.

I hope to get some time in the coming days to organize the collection of photos of Copacabana and other places in Rio. When I have finished that I'll also post a summary of the outside-of-work adventures

Posted by Werner Vogels at June 25, 2003 09:50 AM