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June 20, 2003

Day 3 at Middleware 2003

I am chairing the first session which is on Next Generation Middleware

The first paper is by Rick Schantz and friends on integrated QoS management for distributed real-time systems. The paper show how some existing technologies (TAO as ORB, QuO as the QOS manager)  are put together to build the middleware system for mainly military applications.

Jingwen Jin of Univ. of Illinois presented work on service composition by using service overlay networks. Her target is to build a system that allows a series of service operations to take place on a document, where each of these services are offered at different places in the network. The deeper content of her talk is how to organize the services such that the distances between the services  that you want to use  are minimized (or any other cost metric). She uses a hierarchical approach based on node clustering.

The 3rd talk was by Sergio Mena, who claims to have found a new way of composing reliable group communication stack. the basic idea he uses is that atomic broadcast does not rely on view-synchronous guarantees and as such does not necessarily needs to be place above the membership module in the stack. I think his argument is flawed. The original view-synchronous membership modules used both a consensus and an atomic broadcast module internally so there is no news here except for a certain re-modularisation when compared to (old) monolithic systems such as isis.

This afternoon I am on a panel about the future of Middleware R&D, which also closes the conference.

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So,what is the next generation middleware?

Posted by: Victor Fan on November 9, 2003 02:23 AM