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June 18, 2003

Marc Fleury's keynote at Middleware 2003

The title of Marc's keynote was "Bridging academia and industry through open source". He spend some time on this issue but the real message is use JBOSS to do your research on and that way you can reach millions of users. He presented some statements about how JBOSS uses academic research results such as Javagroups (Bela Ban), JavaAssist, OSwego Concurrency, Jacorb, etc. and that some academic research such as NMRI (Gatech), Recovery Oriented Computing (Stanford/Berkeley) and the Los Alamos grid use JBOSS.

The majority of the time Marc spent on bashing his competitors (BEA, Sun, IBM) for bad code and bad business practices and reviewing the JBOS 3 and 4 architectures. His presentation was certainly interesting. It was definitely contained a lot more technical details than normally seen in keynotes.

Repeatedly Marc stated that open source was all about stealing ideas. and that much of the technology in JBOSS was 'stolen' from other projects or technologies.

In the second half of his talk Fleury focused on the use of AOP in JBOSS, and used the system as a motivator why Aspect oriented development is the future, especially for middleware based systems. He went into the details of the implementation of AOP support in JBOSS and showed the impact of AOP on some design practices.

The general feeling among the audience afterwards was that the talk lacked a lot of finesse, that people liked the entertainment value but thought the level of marketing and off-the-cuff criticism were done in an inappropriate manner.

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