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June 11, 2003


There are a number of 'mostly academic' conferences coming up that have papers which I think are of particular interest to an audience outside of academia. These conferences are quite selective as they all stick to the single track model and some only run every two years. Conferences such as SIGCOMM and SIGMETRICS routinely have 200-300 submissions competing for only 24-30 spots. SOSP has about 100 submission, but it is biannual, and the review process is so  notoriously rigorous that it triggers a sort of community filtering before submitting a paper. I happen to have a 100% success rate at SOSP (1995 & 1999), but only because I have not taken the risk at other times.

In some upcoming postings I will review a few interesting papers from these conferences. I will be traveling to Middleware 2003 next week and will give some reviews of papers from that conference also.

Posted by Werner Vogels at June 11, 2003 12:49 PM