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May 25, 2003

Day 2 of WWW2003

This is a belated account of day 2 in Budapest:

I chaired the session on semantics and web-services, which drew a standing room-only audience. I think the main attraction for everyone was attending the second presentation by Massimo Paolucci from CMU, who talked about automatic mapping between DAML-S and UDDI. Based upon the audience's repsonse, I gather that this type of work is considered to be very exciting, but I have some trouble looking at it in any other way than creative engineering.

I buy some of the semantic web concepts, but I feel that there is a strong push for an integrated model between web services and semantic web. Even though this seems to have some urgency, not many people have found the right concept yet, if there is indeed one. It seems that many of the 'visionaries' are desperately looking for a vision.

Overall I was dissapointed with the conference, but this is very personal as I have come to dislike conferences with many concurrent tracks, and WWW2003 was organized as such. From a systems person viewpoint, I think that the papers from the Performance and Reliability track were the better papers with decent depth.

More coverage from the conference can be found at the www2003 community coverage site by xmlhack

Greetings from beautiful sunny Berlin

Posted by Werner Vogels at May 25, 2003 08:49 AM