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May 22, 2003

Day 1 of WWW2003

Yesterday was the first day of WWW2003, the annual meeting of web-research academics and product people. The day went by rather uneventful, except for the opening of the conference, for which the Hungarian tourist office had hired a local group of musicians who played popular classical tunes on a techno beat.

The keynote was by Tim Berners-Lee who did a truly awful job in trying to make a connection between web services and the semantic web. I am always in for a surprising new vision so I was looking forward to the moment in the presentation where he would make the connection in a way that I hadn't thought about before, but it never happened. It stayed at the old function & data paradigm and did not introduce any new views.

The afternoon I spent at the web service sessions. Many of the presentations still puzzle me as the work being presented is basically a rehash of old work in a new coating (TSSpaces from IBM for example), without any good motivation. Examples given are often very poor from the need-for-web-services point of view.

I did my presentation also yesterday afternoon, but at least I admit that I am reusing old technology applied to new problems. I tried to produce some bait for discussion about the poor state of the reliability specs, but there was no real interest in discussion.

The evening was spent with Cindy C. and Steve V. eating goulash and sampling the local live jazz offerings

Yours truly and Steve Vinoski (Chief Architect IONA) before the goulash (photo by Cindy C.)

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