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May 06, 2003

Comparing CLR, Mono, SSCLI and JAVA Performance- Part II

In the collection of micro-benchmarks you will find tests for object creation, assignment, method calls, loop overhead, exception handling and the performance of the basic Math Library. The results of the benchmarks appear to be similar to the results of the micro-arithmetic benchmarks: sometimes a JVM will be faster sometime the CLR. For example, in the assignment benchmarks the JVM performs better than the CLR on assignment of fields with a single class instance, while the CLR outperforms the JVM on assignments between different instances.

The same is for the Loop Overhead and the Exception Handling tests: the code produced by the CLR for the loop tests is leaner (checking the JIT output is left as an exercise to the reader) than that generated by the JVM, while in exception handling the JVM outperforms the CLR.

The reason for the absence of Mono in the exception handling test is that I couldn't get it to complete the test. I'll get the tests to Miguel and friends so they can figure out what the problems was.

Posted by Werner Vogels at May 6, 2003 04:34 PM