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March 13, 2003

Specs, implementations & Don's comments.

Last week Don Box's keynote at XML Web Services One drew quite a bit of attention because of the 'read less specs, build more apps' statement . It particularly ironic to see that Don is co-author on the new ws-reliablemessaging spec and the editor of the ws-addressing spec. I wonder whether he actually wants us to read these ...

As much as I like the techniques described in these proposals, I think they could make a lot more impact if they would be accompanied by an implementation. I think Don's read-vs-build statement would have made a lot more sense if the developers would indeed have a reference implementation to work with. In the days that the IETF hadn't turned the internet equivalent of the OMG, there were requirements that a spec could not move forward if there were not at least two independent implementation, with proven interoperability. I think we could make big strides forward in establishing the post-html web world, if the companies that champion these new specs would also produce reference implementations, so that applications Don is talking about can actually get build.

I'll hold off on commenting about the content of the specs until I have figured out their impact on the reliability work we have been doing in-house in the past month.

Posted by Werner Vogels at March 13, 2003 02:22 PM