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March 05, 2003


Today there is a major event at Cornell CS related to undergraduate research. Bits on our Mind is a yearly showcase for undergraduate and master students to show their research. This time there are about 50 projects that will run presentations and demonstrate the technologies they have developed. The event draws a lot of attention from all over campus and outside, the University president & provost will show up, etc. The event is sponsored by Credit Suisse and Microsoft, meaning that there is catering with really good food. Which attracts lots of hungry students...

A group of my students will be demonstrating newswire, the survivable peer-to-peer pub/sub systems for real-time news delivery. They have been working hard on getting all the aspects of the demos working smoothly. I have been giving them a hand by making marketing material to ensure they will be the top attraction

Posted by Werner Vogels at March 5, 2003 12:23 PM