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February 20, 2003

KeithBa's book

I received Keith Ballinger's book .NET Web Services, Architecture and Implementation (errata online) in the mail yesterday. I spent a few hours working myself through the book which is a remarkably easy read. I thought about writing a full review of it, but I won't because I noticed that my expectations for this book were very different from what it actually addresses, so a review would probably not be very impartial.

Some thoughts: the strength of the book is in the chapters 3-6, which contains details on how to implement web-services in an ASP.NET setting. I like the way that Keith has separated document-literal, document-encoded, RPC and one-way as different examples in each of the chapters, I think this is not addressed very well in other books on the subject. Chapter 7-11 cover web-services basics such as transport, xml-schemas, soap, etc. I didn't really understand what the intended audience of these chapters is. They are somewhat of a mixture of tutorial with a some nuggets of insight mixed in. Some of these chapters are better than others, the soap chapter for example  is OK but I fail to see how the transport chapter really enlightens people.

What were my expectations that weren't met by this book: I had hoped for a more extensive treatment of the 'Architecture and Implementation' part, with a look under the covers of ASP.NET, and in the absence of that I had hoped for a solid treatment of WSE. Neither is really being addressed in this book.

But the book certainly has its place in my library, and some students who are already familiar with some of the concepts may find this to be the ideal book to get quickly started with building web-services in ASP.NET.

Posted by Werner Vogels at February 20, 2003 12:02 PM