DynamoDB Keeps Getting Better (and cheaper!)

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We love getting feedback so we can deliver the improvements and new features that really matter to our customers. You can see from the pace at which we roll out new functionality that teams across AWS take this very seriously. One of the teams that’s iterating quickly is DynamoDB. They recently launched Local Secondary Indexes and today they are releasing several new features that will help customers build faster, cheaper, and more flexible applications:

Parallel Scans – To be able to increase the throughput of table scans, the team has introduce new functionality that allows you to scan through the table with multiple threads concurrently. Until now scans could only be performed sequentially, but with this new feature the scan can be split into multiple segments, each retrieved on their own thread.

Provisioned Throughput – To allow customer to respond to changes in load more rapidly, DynamoDB will allow the provisioned throughput to be decreased 4 times per day (was twice per day).

Read Capacity Metering – The read capacity unit will be increased from 1KB to 4KB. As a result many read scenarios will have their cost reduced to ¼ of the original cost. This also makes the DynamoDB/Redshift integration even more cost-effective, as exporting data from DynamoDB into Redshift could be up to four times cheaper.

We’re excited to give DynamoDB customers better read performance, lower costs, and more provisioning flexibility. Please keep the feedback coming – we’re listening.

For more details see the DynamoDB Developer Guide and for an overview visit the AWS developer blog.