Expanding the Cloud: The Amazon Elastic Transcoder

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While I was returning from an exciting time in New Orleans watching the Super Bowl, AWS launched a very cool, brand new service: Amazon Elastic Transcoder.

Amazon Elastic Transcoder is designed to be very easy to use, scalable and cost-effective video transcoding in the cloud. Jeff Barr did an excellent job running through the service on his blog and you can also check out the detail page.

I spent a lot of time talking to AWS customers who were also in New Orleans, many of them who work with media, and all emphasized that transcoding fits naturally with services that we already offer like storage (Amazon S3 and Glacier) and delivery (Amazon CloudFront). The Amazon Elastic Transcoder is designed to integrate seamlessly with all the other AWS services.

The service has been met with great enthusiasm from many of our customers. I’ll leave you with a couple of fantastic videos that our customers created themselves of how to use Amazon Elastic Transcoder. The first is from Sankar Nagarajan of Cloudshoring and the second is from Web Video University.