A Million Miles Away

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I just received a note from United Airlines that I had flown 1 million miles on their airline. I didn’t start flying United until I moved to Seattle, so all of these have been miles on Amazon business. The folks I was with immediately started cracking some jokes about a million miles of torture, but that was not at all what came to my mind.

I thought about all the wonderful things I got to do on those million miles; all the great engineers and CxO’s that I have met, all the cool startups that made time for me and shared their passion, and all the amazing enterprises going through major transformations who opened up about the inner workings of their businesses to me. It has been an extremely humbling ride to see how customers are trusting AWS to be on their side, to really help them be successful. I couldn’t ask for anything more…

To all the friends I made along the way; thanks a million! :-)

Given that I was just in Ireland, lets celebrate this with some Rory Gallagher, A Million Miles Away from the 1974 Irish Tour.