Free at Last - A Fully Self-Sustained Blog Running in Amazon S3

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In a follow up to the last blog post I have removed the last two dependencies this blog had on running a server somewhere: comments are now served by Disqus and search is now handled by Bing. I should have moved to Disqus long time again as it is such rich discussion environment. It imported the commented from my Moveable Type server without a hitch. The choice for the search box from Bing was driven by that it was very easy to setup and it was free, where Google Site Search asked for $100/year. I'll evaluate search again in a few weeks, but for the moment this is good enough.

With these last two dependencies gone this blog is now 100% self-sustained in Amazon S3 and does no longer depend on any server I have to maintain.

Next step: replace my Movable Type installation with Jekyll so blog generation becomes simpler as well.