Feedback for Amazon Web Services

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Ingrained in the DNA of the Amazon Technologist is a single-minded focus on the needs of our customers. The Amazon development process is even called "Working from the customer backwards". Essential in this process is a good understanding of what the customers need in terms of new services, new features for existing services, or different approaches to things that we are already doing. We collect this feedback continuously from various sources: the AWS forums, the AWS Premium Support Team, Amazonians on the road talking to customers, solution architects helping to define customer architectures, ISV partners building on our services, system integration partners who relay customer needs, advisory boards, and of course the Amazon ecommerce engineers building on the AWS platform.

Once a year however we take a moment to make sure that everyone who wants to give their input into the direction of the Amazon Web Services has the opportunity to do so. We have developed a Survey that helps us define what is really important to our current and future customers. If you have feedback that you would like to give to the Amazon Web Services team, this Survey would be an excellent place to do so.