Making A Dramatic Difference

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As some of you may know both my daughters are studying Drama in London. Last time when I visited them I met two friends of Kim, Georgia Munnion and Lauren Hopkins. They are all classmates and they are graduating this year.

Georgia and Lauren impressed me with a plan they have for spending the two months after their graduation in Nepal providing educational Drama Workshops to Himalayan children.

We will use Drama as a basis for a process of individual social development, and to improve individual, group and team-building skills, through a range of individual and ensemble exercises. Using our acquired theatre knowledge and experience, we will provide education and enjoyment to underprivileged children, who are mostly unable to return home during their holidays, due to snow-bound and monsoon-bound trails and the recent outbreak of war.

This is a program they have completely designed themselves and as such they are also fully self funded. They could really use some help to make this plan a reality. I have already contributed and if you are someone who appreciates passion in young people who want to make a difference by personally working on making the world a better place, maybe you should also.

Read more about their adventure and plans, and about ways you can maybe contribute at the Making a Dramatic Difference weblog.