High Altitude Search for Jim Gray

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We have now added the data captured by the NASA ER-2 plane yesterday over the ocean area outside of San Francisco. We were very fortunate that this flight was scheduled for yesterday and that the NASA folks were interested in having it capture these images. We have been able to split them just like yesterday’s satellite images and create HITs (Human Interface Tasks) from them.

The images are in this Mechanical Turn HIT Group.

The ER-2 is a high-altitude aircraft that replaced the famous U2 aircrafts of the cold war. For this run it was equipped with near-infrared cameras that make it extremely suitable for finding man-made reflective surfaces in a natural environment. Land will show up as red and sea as dark blue. Any foreign object in the sea would be bright, close to white.

ER-2 Imagedata.jpg

PS: an earlier seperate group we created will be phased out, it was too confusing