The odds of getting a PS3 or Wii for Chrismas

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As you have probably have heard by now Amazon is making Sony Playstation 3 (20 GB & 60 GB models) and Nintendo Wii available to existing Amazon customers who sign up via a special edition of the Amazon Customers Vote. A random draw will then decide who will get the change to buy these ridiculously scarce game machines.

Customers who have voted on these and early promotions have asked what the odds are that they would actually be selected a winner. The Customers Vote team has done an amazing job of putting the odds in perspective with some of the other odds in life. I think this is such a great list that I am replicating it here, as it is likely to disappear from the Amazon promotions pages eventually.

You would have gotten an opportunity to buy the tent in Round 3 if you had voted for it2 to 1
Sony PS3 20GB*6 to 1
Nintendo Wii*16 to 1
Your letter to The New York Times will be published (source)20 to 1
You'll get hemorrhoids (source)25 to 1
Sony PS3 60GB*29 to 1
You'll hunt small game next year (source)54 to 1
You'll seek hypnotic therapy (source)79 to 1
You'll get Botox next year (source)102 to 1
You would have gotten an opportunity to buy the Zune in Round 4 if you had voted for it122 to 1
Your tax return will be audited by the IRS (source)175 to 1
The person you're dating is a millionaire (source)215 to 1
Your book will be a New York Times bestseller (source)220 to 1
You go to a tractor pull or mud racing every month (source)311 to 1
You'll catch a baseball at a Major League Baseball game (source)563 to 1
You'll get botulism next year (source)2,300 to 1
You happen to be a private investigator (source)3,700 to 1
You'll pick a four-leaf clover on the first try (source)10,000 to 1
You'll die as a result of a major asteroid hitting Earth (source)20,000 to 1
You'll ever be a pro athlete (source)22,000 to 1
You'll ever date a supermodel (if you're a man) (source)88,000 to 1
Despite your efforts to avoid it, you'll actually get the plague next year (source)299,999 to 1
You'll be hit by lightning (source)576,000 to 1
You'll get bit by a shark (source)6,000,000 to 1
You'll win a Power Ball lottery with just one ticket (source)105,938,000 to 1
* These were the odds at Sunday morning 9 AM. This number will continue to change until the sign-up period ends at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, December 17.

Vist the Amazon Customers Vote page to get updated numbers on the ongoing votes.