Gnomedex Topic & Net Neutrality

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The phone and cable companies will fundamentally alter the Internet in America unless Congress acts to stop them. They have the market power, and regulatory permission to restrict American consumers’ access to broadband Internet content, including music and movies, and have announced their plans to do so.

There is a lot of freedom at Gnomedex for the discussion leaders to address the topics that are on their minds. I will use my session at 1:30 tomorrow to address the current state of affairs with respect to the Net Neutrality debate. Yesterday’s vote by the Senate Commerce Committee shows that there are still many strong arguments in favor and against regulation that would ensure fair treatment of all internet content.

I would like to focus the discussion tomorrow on the impact a lack of regulation will have on ”The Individuals”, those who use the Internet to access services, and on “The Innovators”, those who want to build and launch services that need to compete with the establishment.

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