Links Below Sea Level Needed

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In case you didn't know; I am Dutch. If you would have heard me speak you probably would have guessed that tidbit of useless information. In the past months I have received a number of criticizing comments that I am not keeping up with the all the developments in the Netherlands in terms of computing and ecommerce. To be honest I have very little insight into how the Dutch IT world has developed, given that I left the Netherlands almost 15 years ago. A lot has happened since.

Some of my Dutch contacts have now started to convince me that it would be interesting to follow some of the more recent developments. I am looking for a few good Dutch feeds that would allow me to track what is going on in IT and ecommerce in the Netherlands. I had been given 3 links to bootstrap:, and Some of these seem to be mainly international news translated into Dutch, so I am looking for some more links to really good Dutch feeds.