Generating SiteInfo with MT

On the A9 Developer weblog there is an article today on he SiteInfo feature that was until now only available when you used the A9 Toolbar. They now have developed a Firefox extension that will give you the same functionality. Normally the siteinfo tab gives you the Alexa information about a site: traffic ranking, reviews, etc., and it presents you with a short “people that visit this site also visit …” list of sites. However if you go to or you will see that this tab changes into a site navigation menu. The posting on the A9 weblog today and an earlier posting in September give some other examples.

You can control this through the generation of a sitinfo.xml file, to be placed in the root directory of your website. The details of the file format are in the SiteInfo Spec. I added a template to my moveable type installation that automatically generates this with a menu for the last postings, categories, etc.


My moveable type template for this can be downloaded from here. Set it up as a new template to generate a file siteinfo.xml on rebuild.

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