The Return & The Move

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A lot of things happened in that past months that were worthwhile writing about. New distributed systems and architectural insights, great conversations, new gadgets, good books, interesting articles and conferences, and some very cool new technologies (e.g. Mechanical Turk and the public access to Alexa). However I thought that it was appropriate to first move the weblog from the Cornell servers to a personal place. That took a while to materialize, but I believe I now have everything in place to execute this move.

This weblog will move to, where I will post the new writings. The postings from the past 3 years will move to, and I will set up redirects in the coming days to make sure everyone gets to the new servers whether they want or not. It will be interesting to see whether the aggregators can indeed handle the feed redirects.

I am grateful to Cornell for letting me continue to use the weblogs server in the past year, and I am now looking forward to catching up with old and new friends on all things distributed.