Feeds Redirected

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I have redirected the rss & atom feeds at weblogs.cs.cornell.edu to the their new home at http://www.allthingsdistributed.com. I used a permanent redirect so I am hoping that bloglines and other aggregators will eventually figure out that they should start polling those feeds directly instead of continue to be redirected by the old site.

On a side note: for me the out-of-the-box mt 3.2 atom feed doesn't validate. I fixed one tag, but still have to see what to do with the rest of the complaints.

I have not redirected the static pages yet, as I first want to see what I can do to leave all the referrer spam behind. I wasn't aware of this crazy phenomena until I had a look at the server log files for the first time in a year. I'll look for some isapi filter to cure this.