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Two Recommended Essayists
Advice needed: Dual Opteron Boards
The Future of the US Computer Science Research
Bandwidth at 37,000 feet
Stories from a Sailor
Don't give me an excuse
Links on Epidemics
The 12.5 hours
OpenSearch at A9
Back from India
Amazon in India
Pat & the Genie
Job Openings in my Group
Opportunities for Middleware Research Publications
Day 2 at the Amazon Dev Conference
Real-time from the Amazon Developer Conference
Official vs. Personal Voice.
Reading Suggestion
Feynman & REST E-Commerce at Interplanetary Scale
Worlds'04 & Real & Large
Amazon & DVD rental
From Worlds to Vegas
On The Death of SSCLI.Net
Alternate Endings
Down the Coast
Using the blackberry 7100t's GPRS modem
View of the View
Where am I?
QNX faces the music
Artwork by Steve Vinoski
Blackberry 7100t: First Impressions
Floater Lesson
Will be back shortly
A9- showing the Iceberg Tip of Real Search
Once More: Polling does not Scale.
Evaluating Systems Papers
Keynote at Middleware 2004: "How Wrong Can You Be?"
Amazon Move FAQ #6: Will you keep the blogging?
Amazon Move FAQ #5: Will Amazon now use .NET & Windows?
Good Neighbors
Black Hole Physics and The Thruth
Strange Things are Happening
How not to Install CPU Coolers
Amazon Move FAQ #4: Why not Microsoft?
Oops, MD5 is broken
Amazon Move FAQ #3: Why Amazon?
Amazon Move FAQ #2: Where will you live in Seattle?
Amazon Move FAQ #1: Will you move to Seattle?
Amazon Move: an FAQ
Announcing an Exciting Career Change
Big Announcement Tomorrow
The Google Body Snatchers
Power of a Power Mac
Dude, where is my network?
The world is asynchronous
OS Junkie
Turning XBox into a Media Center
Why doesn't Academia understand Industrial Work?
Why are there no Papers from Industry at this Conference?
Mammoth Bones Alternatives
More Catching Up
The OS - Network Interface at Usenix'04
Not My Cup of Tea
Bad Apple
I have been Forgiven
Last Call for DOA
Race Paused
I don't feel so welcome anymore
Awards announced in the DARPA SRS program
Transvestites in an Atom feed.
Intel confuses The Register
Epidemic Computing at Cornell
Wired on the Scalability of Feed Aggregators
XSL Demon
Gossip in a Historical Context
History of Epidemics
Lets Play
Feed Analysis: Recap & Posting Index
Feed Analysis: The Age of Feeds
Feed Analysis: Item Size
Paradise for Your Ears
BloggerCon II Photos
No Shows
Images from Bloggercon II
East -West- East
On the Scalability of Feeds & Aggregators
Feed Analysis: How Big is Your Feed?
Middleware 2004 Deadline Approaching
Out of Work
Soap.Udp Implementation Looking for Interop
Spring Break - Ithaca Style
On Chilling Music & Religion
The One True Church of Linux
Feed Analysis: Feeds per Reader
Feed Analysis: Readers per Feed
Simulating Transactions
Talk to Luke
Feed Analysis: Requests vs. Bytes - Part II
Feed Analysis: Requests vs. Bytes - Part I
Feed Analysis: Success vs. NoChange
Feed Analysis: Weekday vs. Weekend
Windows Server Calling Father Damien...
Feed Pull Periods per Software Agent
Number of Feed Pulls per Day
Continuing the Feed Analysis
A Different View of the WS-TX Feedback Workshop
Middleware in Toronto
The no-feedback WS-TX workshop
Seattle Bound
Self Regenerative Systems
Cruching feed data
Feed polling
The Rise of the Feed Readers
WS-Eventing Feedback
Gates on Campus
Go Gadget
Distributed Objects and Applications
Workshop Deadlines
Middleware Matters
Events, Eventing and Notifcation
RESTless Atoms
The Pains and Joys of PVRs
The Ultimate Road Movie
Academia vs. Elsevier: Knockdown in Round 4
Decisions in Madison
Awake from Coma
Are they for real? - Part III The Response
Are they for real? - Part II The Dissapointment
I am Evil
Nobody is safe
Every computer crashes because ...
And the Oscar goes to ...
Not a vPod
Busy Signal
Internet and Real Life™
Christmas Gadget
HTTP is all you need
Is this the state of SOA research?
Day One at the Service Oriented Computing Conference
December Travels
These Days
Source Control
Are they for real?
CLI-Grande Benchmarks Available
Revisited: Web Services are not Distributed Objects
Thanks for a Successful Experiment
Supernet at Supercomputing
Cool Supercomputing
On the Road Again and Again and ...
Ceremony in the Lowlands
Back Home
With Help from Roger Needham
In Town
Leaving for Amsterdam
Julie & Me in IT-World
Citation and influence: Copyright and Tenure
Messing up your predictions
The Trouble with Elsevier
The Politics of Distribution Transparency
SOAPscope at the PDC
Pictures from the PDC Blog Party
Blog party at the PDC party tonight
Making users feel good
An Academic at the PDC
A Few pictures from the PDC Blog BOF
Technologists vs. Users at PDC Weblog BOF
Scoble - Bad Boy!!
PDC blogging from the tablet
Touchdown in L.A.
Don Box in your face.
Need a ride to the PDC from San Diego?
LAX on hold
SOSP 19: Day 1 & 2
A bit lost in the crowd
SOSP 19: Live Internet Broadcast
Operating Systems Principles
Benchmarks & Bikinis
Conference Bloggin' Gear
More Images from HPTS
HPTS Day 2: How are databases used at big customers?
Story tellers
Images from HPTS Day 1
Adam Bosworth on Event Systems at HPTS
Give SOAP a chance (Pat Helland singing on video)
HPTS Day 1
Heading West
Weblog Spam and Categories
CPA & Failure Detection
New syncPod Channel
Continuous Processing Architectures
Simple Tool to Download RSS Enclosures
Special Issues of IEEE Internet Computing in 2004
Genius 2003
Observations on Bloggercon
a litte bit of late night
The Sociology of Blogging
A Glimpse of DARPA
Hard lessons learned about Technology Evangelism
And where do you drink?
SOAP over RS232
SSCLI 2003 Conference Day 3 Report
SSCLI 2003 Conference Day 2 Report
LazyWeb: Tablet Login Problem
Presenting with a Tablet
SSCLI 2003 Conference Day 1 Report
Win2k3 Blue Screen
Day 1 at the SSCLI 2003 Conference
Floating Point Error
Travelin' Man
The Future of Database Research
Method Size and CLR performance
Context and Coordination
Misconceptions & state
Live from Amsterdam
Virtual PC versus VMWare
The blades have arrived
A lot of good feedback
Web Services are NOT Distributed Objects
DVI @ 1920 x 1200
High-Performance Transaction Processing
Sweaty Palms
Using 3 Qubits instead of 2
The Ultimate PDC Ticket Contest
Lights Out
A Brief History of the Internet
In Defense of DARPA
Pool-blogging with a Tablet
Not the Oldest Domains
Putting a Value to a Conference
Finally Finished
Certified Alpha Male
Geeks, Customers and Nethack Gloves
Atom 0.2 Feed
F@%#*$ Laywers
A Scavenger Hunt for 26
SOSP Program
Day two at MSF
Day One at the MS Faculty Courtship
High-Performance XML/SOAP Processing
Going West
Polarized Travel
New WS Architect Weblog
Likin P.
Thunder - No Net
Without any Thought
Internet Layers and the Law
Excellent project hosting for free
RoboCup Champions
Editing the minds of your readers
WSE 2.0 Tech Preview Available
Handheld Edition
Death to the T-Mobile Sidekick
(n)echo feed button
(N)Echo feed
Far Out Networking
Jim Gray on the Economics of Distributed Computing
CLI versus JVM at SuperComputing 2003
Middleware 2003 Roundup
Middleware 2003 Future of R&D Panel
Day 3 at Middleware 2003
Day 2 at Middleware 2003 - session 2
Day 2 at Middleware 2003 - session 1
Marc Fleury's keynote at Middleware 2003
Day 1 at Middleware 2003
Arrival in Rio
Off to Rio
Why Unlimited bandwidth is not always a good thing
My favorite SIGMETRICS 2003 paper
What to do in Rio?
The Tablet Experience
Some Small Stuff
Road Trippin'
Today's visitor - Geoff Voelker
Book Review: Web Services Enhancements by Evjen
Day 2 of WWW2003
Day 1 of WWW2003
Blogging @ WWW2003
Comparing CLR, Mono, SSCLI and JAVA Performance- Part IV
Comparing CLR, Mono, SSCLI and JAVA Performance- Part III
Comparing CLR, Mono, SSCLI and JAVA Performance- Part II
Comments on the benchmark results
The Dave and Bill Soap Opera
Rotor Workshop Recap
No Net at EuroRotor
Evening at EuroRotor
Blogging from the Rotor Workshop
Pub/sub for RSS Updates
Concurrency Now and Then
A Harvard Scholar & Name Calling
Immature mudslinging
The Rotor Community Site has opened its doors.
rotor community site troubles
A (re)view of Shared Source CLI Essentials.
Shared Source CLI Essentials
Who built the first portable computer?
Specs, implementations & Don's comments.
Emulating the Internet for Enterprise Applications
Roger Needham : an informal memoir
Roger Needham died last week
Herring Nostalgia
KeithBa's book
Jim Miller on the .NET patent
Academic theory goes main stream
Reliability - Act II
ws-reliability continues to be harmful
The history of the 3 monitors
Who needs dual monitors?
Some random news
Is anybody listening at Userland ?
This morning's DDOS/Virus attack
A Critique of 'Master Key Copying Revealed'
Hyperthreading XP
My new desktop hardware
Academic readings
Scraping Downloads
An unreliable ws-reliability spec
Fixed the link problem
Web service transport portability
Tutorial on Routing SOAP Messages with WSE
The switch
QNX on iPaq